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Rob Allen Sparid EVO
The newest from rob allen!

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The Rob Allen Sparid Evo is the well-renowned brand’s newest addition to the Sparid lineage.  Building on previous designs of the Sparid, which is a gun characterised by durability and performance. With Rob Allen working directly on the design of this gun, you know you’ll be getting your moneys worth.  The build combines many of his personal favourite components in one gun.


Twin 14mm powerbands create just the right amount of power supported by the 7mm spear.  Compared to 16mm bands, the smaller diameter and lighter weight of a 14mm band results in greater efficiency and lower recoil than the same strength 16mm band. Loading this gun is quite easy and the gun’s recoil  is quite small which assists in improving your accuracy. The new generation of trigger mechanism gives you great performance from the 1st shot through to 20,000 shots with minimal to no change. A consistent, crisp trigger reduces recoil and trigger tension improving your shot accuracy.


Rob Allen has used a low-profile closed muzzle on this model for a few reasons. Firstly, it allows for fast tracking because of reduced friction. In addition the line of sight is clear for accurate aiming. The closed muzzle design with a compact but sturdy bridge allows for faster and simpler reloading without the bulk of bigger muzzles. You can easily remove both power-bands without using tools If you do this, ensure they’re kept in a dry, cool place so they don’t degrade.


The shaft used is made from 2100MPA spring steel in combination with Rob Allen’s unique straightening process. This ensures that you’re using the sturdiest and straightest spear available. Each shaft is hand tested by Rob Allen to make sure it’s straight as possible. Now when you’re presented with a special once in a lifetime fish, you’ll have the confidence to nail it every time.


For more information on the latest changes on rob allens new generation mechanism, we reccomend watching the following video.

Very Remarkable.

Rob Allen Sparid Evo Features:

  • Rob Allen Lifetime warranty on core components.
  • Vecta 2 handle with the latest gen 9 internals.
  • Loading butt for increased leverage on the chest when loading
  • SS line release and reinforced SS sear ensure durability
  • Kevlar reinforced trigger
  • Heavy Duty Alloy barrel with an integrated rail
  • Glass filled nylon low profile double rubber closed muzzle
  • Heavy Duty gun bungee with snap clip
  • 2x 14mm RA Black power bands with Dyneema bridles
  • Double notch hand tuned spear with reinforced barb
  • Tricut head spear shaft made from 2100MPA spring steel
  • Sparid Evo Ghost Camo
  • Shark clip with swivel
  • High quality 1.8mm 450lb mono shooting line

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