Salvimar One Freediving Watch
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The Salvimar ONE Freediving Watch is compact and light, and is a newer version of the Laurens dive computer. It has completely revised functions and software, tailored for spearfishing and freediving. The case of this watch is made with 30% glass loaded nylon and a brushed steel bezel nestled on a black base and a brushed steel back which is tightened with four screws.

Even though the display of the Salvimar ONE freediving watch is slightly smaller than other products on the market, the information shown on it is well visible with 4-8mm tall characters. The temperature and pressure sensor is located to the right of the display. The thermo-plastic watch strap has a length of 25 cm, equalling to a usable length of 19 cm. It connects to the case perfectly without any visible discontinuity.


Functions of the Salvimar ONE Freediving Watch:

The Salvimar ONE Freediving Watch offers all the fundamental information for spearfishing and freediving to make this watch very user friendly. Included are instant and maximum depth and time for each dive, the surface recovery time, adjustable alarms for maximum time and depth of the dive, as well as instant water temperature.

The key function of this watch is “DIVE” and you must select it prior to your dive. The recording of a dive starts at 1.2m depth and stops once back on the surface.

Both metric (meters and Celsius degrees) and imperial (feet and Fahrenheit degrees) settings available.

In addition to the basic time (dual time, 5 alarms) and freediving functions, the Salvimar ONE Freediving watch also offers useful features for training, such as a chronograph, a countdown timer and a pacer.



  • The Salvimar ONE Freediving Watch comes with all the classic features and functions of any modern digital watch – time, date, second time zone, alarm, stopwatch, countdown – plus all the extra functions for apnea:
  • Water resistant to 100m
  • Depth gauge
  • Bottom Time
  • Surface Time – the Salvimar ONE Freediving Watch will activate the calculation of the surface time automatically as soon as you surface after your dive.
  • Water Temperature
  • Diving Data Storage
  • Alarm Setting for maximum dive time
  • Alarm Setting for maximum immersion time
  • Easily replaceable battery
  • Total weight 60 grams


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