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Salvimar Articolo/Coltello Dive Knife

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A stiletto-blade steel spearfishing knife with double edges: smooth and 'Shark Tooth' serrated.

This smaller style knife is great to take with you when underwater. Designed by Massimo Quattrone, the quality steel knife can be used in a variety of ways.

Tool features include:

  • A notch to hold shafts on the handle bars
  • A hole to straighten the shafts
  • Serrated edge sharpening
  • A special 'sling' that goes over your fingers will 'glue' the knife to your hand so to speak, so you won't lose it.

Used for fishing, the Shark-Tooth knife can function as a cutting knife as well as a scaling knife.

The knife is designed to be attached to your belt.

Note: This knife does not come with leg straps, and is designed to mount on the weight belt

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