Rob Allen Vecta Gun Reel 55m
Sale Price! Limited time Rob Allen Vecta Gun Reel Available in 50m capacity.

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Rob Allen Vecta Gun Reel Available in 50m capacity.

•Constructed from 30% glass filled Nylon with Graphite filled acetyl bushes.
•Stainless steel thread on the drag nut.
•Stainless wear surface around the line lead ensures that your line is able to run smoothly and will never wear into the reels line guide.
•Entire reel only weighs 95g and does not affect a gun's handling when in use.
•Cut-outs assist with drying of line.
•Built to hold over 55 meters of 2mm line.
•Dovetail bracket ensures easy removal

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is it better or cheaper to get a float and float line instead of a reel

Hi mate, Yes a float and float line is much cheaper. With a float and rope setup you can also store your fish on it, with a reel you have to store the fish on your body or on your shooting line, a much riskier option. A float also enables you to leave your gun anywhere and not lose sight of it if, for example you are looking for Crays. A float also tells boats and other divers where you are because a orange float is much easier to spot than a snorkel. A reel will cost between $90 and $130 and then for line it is around $1.50 to $2.00 per meter. Around 30-50 meters of line is used, depending on the size of the reel. Hopefully this helps answer your question, Regards, Extreme Spearfishing

Hey Ash do you recon it's worth getting this reel for my Scorpia double for Kingies or get the boy and float line?

Hi mate, Reel is ideal for hunting around the wharfs in pitty. And it does work well for hunting Kingfish (ie: you don't lose your speargun). But keep in mind the rope and float offers extra bonus: 1. your mates can see you because of the float 2. you don't lose your speargun if you accidently drop it 3. you can keep your fish on your float. But obviously the rope and float is more annoying to drag around compared to just having a reel. You have to way up the bonuses of each option (Reel Vs Rope+Float), and make the decision for yourself. For me I use the rope and float mostly. But I also have a reel gun for some occasions. If I could only have one system, I would chose the rope and float but it is annoying at times. Still worth. Cheers mate. Ash 02 9907 4911

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