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The Kit includes the Roller Power Head (black or red), a 26mm barrel adapter, dyneema line, rubbers of your choice (14-16 or 18mm), 316 stainless steel fittings and DIY instructions.

The 26mm adapter included with your kit, fits Rob Allen guns and any gun barrel with an internal diameter of 26mm. To choose the relevant RPH adapter for a different gun, measure the internal barrel diameter (ONLY) of the gun, then select the correct adapter for your gun from the item.

When making the selection for your roller power head kit, form the drop down menu to the right, the first number in the selection field is the barrel length in CM's, the second is the rubber diameter in MM's.

Thanks to the roller design, 100% of the barrel length is used to propel the spear shaft combined with a shorter spear shaft compared to the rubber stretch and with pre-tensioned rubbers a lot of extra power is generated.

Lack of penetration and limited shooting range will be a thing of the past.

Tests have proven that a roller speargun fitted with a single 16 mm rubber will outperform a traditional double rubber speargun.

The Roller power head is an open muzzle allowing the use of different rubbers 14-16 or 18mm. The side screws offer the option of connecting a second rubber (14 or 16mm) to power up the speargun further when using an 8mm shaft, best suited for blue water.

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Bought a new ocean hunter chameleon 1200 rail gun, which size roller power head kit will Fit

Hi Mate Unfortunately the suppliers of the two Roller muzzles don't sell a roller muzzle to fit this speargun. You could modify it so it fits with some work in the tool shop, but we can't recommend it as we are concerned the mech on this speargun isn't really up to the job of holding all that extra power safely. If you can save some more money, the Rob Allen Scorpia is on special for $269 (normally $319), and is perfect to have a roller muzzle installed. Sorry for the bad news mate. Hope we can help further 02 9907 4911 Extreme spearfishing

hi, the kit looks ok but for example I have an old cressi apache 110cm alu-gun. The kit and the description didn't mention how the rubber is fixed under the barrel. There is only information about the muzzle. Thank you very much in forward.

Hi mate, The rubber is fixed under the barrel via string tied to end of each rubber, passed through either the trigger guard or behind the reel mounting point near the handle (if you have one) and then pulled tight. You can then adjust the pre-tension of the rubber by shortening or lengthening the string. Hopefully this answers your question. Also the kit comes with detailed instructions, supplied by the manufacturer. Regards, Extreme Spearfishing.

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